My partner and I so far have done a 3 tie-dye shirts already. We bought all our supplies which were; a tie-dye kit, a few shirts. The tie-dye kit included about everything you need. In the tie-dye kid there were many elastic bands, plastic gloves, 3 tie-dye colors and 3 bottles to put the mix into. The kit also included a sheet that showed many different designs for tie-dying. The sheet helped out a lot and gave step by step information. 

Simran and I tried 3 different designs. The first was spiral, second one was stripes and the third one was acorn. The spiral one was pretty hard because we weren't able to get the dye into the shirt, we had to squeeze and push around the shirt. The stripe one was our biggest fail. We put the dye on the shirt and pressed down on it too so that the dye would spread through out and cover the whole shirt... which did not happen. The color soaked onto the first layer of the shirt only. The third one we did came out the best. We put the 3 different dyes in different sections that were divided by elastic bands. We put dye everywhere around the shirt so that most white spots weren't showing. 

My partner Simran and I chose this topic for genius hour because we have always wanted to try and tie dye, what better opportunity then this? My friend has made tie dye shirts before and I’ve always wanted to make my own. Simran and I are very excited and looking forward to making our own shirts. Although it’s defiantly not as easy as we thought it would be. We researched how to tie dye and watched many YouTube videos of people tie dying. We discovered many different techniques to make all different unique designs. One technique was to roll the shirt up like you roll up a piece of paper and then add rubber bands one inches apart to create a striped tie dye.  I’m defiantly going to try and do this one.

Our biggest resource has been the internet of course. Google images, YouTube for sure, and also different websites that tell you step by step on how to tie dye. For example; this website helped a lot. One question Simran and I have is what colors we should use? There are so many we can choose from! The biggest challenge for our topic is the fact we need to work on this on our own time, which means taking time out of our own time to work on this project. We will try our best to undergo it by working on weekends and balancing out our schedules. 

YES. School kills creativity. In my opinion everyone's different, in every way possible. Some are better at sports than in academic classes, some are the other way around. Everyone has their own pace at learning different things, like in learning. Some may learn how to do a math equation faster, others may have to get their teacher to explain a bit further. The picture bellow explains what I'm trying to say a bit better. Takes the words right out of my mouth! Teachers expect you to do well in school yet focus on the students that are getting the higher grades. What about the ones failing? I find it really interesting how much stress a teenager has just because of expectations for school, homework, and just thinking about their future. Its pretty crazy how your future is based on what grades you get now. 
    "The future starts today, not tomorrow." - Pope John Paul

Hi! My name is Suman. I'm 15, my birthday is on January 1st... No I'm not lying, haha. I love watching TV, my favourite TV shows are; The Vampire Diaries (because of Ian Somerhalder.. OFCOURSE!) Glee and America's Next Top Model are my favourites too! I love watching romantic movies.. Dear John, A Walk To Remember, and The Notebook are my all time favourites. I've recently become a huge bookworm over the summer, and I love it. I think thats all there is to know about me, Toodles!